Junior Livestock Auctions

Buying from a Junior Livestock Auction is the best way to support youth in Ag! Walking through the process can be difficult…but it doesn’t have to be! Let Scott’s Custom Meats explain the process and help you figure the cuts that are right for you. Maybe you want 2 chops per package…maybe you want 4?  Do you want your filet mignons cut at 1 1/4″ or perhaps 1 1/2″? We will ask you all the questions needed for a perfect order! Remember, at a Junior Livestock Auction, those kids have been caring for and feeding the very best feeds…thus YOU get the very best product! The competitors know their animals could be the ones chosen for random drug testing so they keep it clean.

Check out some of Southern California Junior Fair & Livestock Auctions linked here!

Since we are not a retail outlet, you can be confident you will get ALL of your meat! Time to fire up that grill!