Backyard Farmer

At Scott’s Custom Meats, a major portion of our work is aimed at serving the “Backyard Farmer.” And as a Backyard Farmer, you know exactly what your animal has eaten and how fresh the water has been in his trough since you brought him home. After mucking pens for 6 to 18 months, you are not about to trust your cut and wrap to just anybody…but you can put your trust in Scott’s Custom Meats. Specializing in custom cut and wrap for years, we are your #1 choice for top notch processing. Nothing tastes as great as an animal, raised for your own consumption!

Just let us know EXACTLY what you would like in your white paper and we will do just that! From Boer Goats to Duroc’s, your cut list is our only goal! Give us a try…we know you will be pleased!